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Philippe Gontier (1956) has spent the last 20 years sharing his time between photoreporting around the world and in depth photography of the contemporary music scene and corporate photography specially in the Luxury goods sector.

Most leading magazines worldwide have published his work and he enjoys a privileged relationship with publications such as Le Monde, large Corporations like Nestlé, Valeo, Thomson, Cartier, Crown etc..., are or have been among his clients list for annual reports, brochures, magazines and more.

He received two World Press Foundation awards, in 1997 and 2000, for his work on Pierre Boulez.

2003, New York City, Sound French Festival, exhibition of his work on French composers of our time.

2005, MF Publishers released the book: INCIDENCES… Pierre Boulez, a photographic follow up over 15 years of this great conductor, composer and culturel icon.

In 2008, "Le Louvre Museum invite Pierre Boulez", Philippe Gontier's work is used for the visual communication. Exhibit at the Cabinet d'amateur : Pierre Boulez 5 diptyques.